May 26 Update: Alas would-be mad robins, the 2007 ball is now sold out. Our registrar is under strict orders to ignore any pleas, bribes, or threats. However, the Friday East-Bay dance and Sunday Sebastopol dances and picnic are open to all who show up.

Print this page (or download the flyer) and mail it with your check to the address at the bottom. A copy of the ball booklet with instructions for all dances will be mailed to registered dancers beginning in April. For more information, e-mail or call 707-829-3608.

Name(s) for nametag(s) ______________________________________________________

Address __________________________________________________________________

City ___________________________________ State ___________ Zip ________________

Telephone _____________________________ Email ______________________________






Early registration, postmarked by May 15


  _____ _____

Registration after May 15 (if not sold out)


  _____ _____

Gallery (non-dancer) or workshop only


  _____ _____

Nibbles contribution


Additional donation


I am enclosing


Make check payable to Mad Robin Ball.

I'd like to volunteer to help ____ beforehand ____ that afternoon ____ at the ball.

I will bring something ____ sweet ____ savory, or ____ make a nibbles contribution ($5 suggested) for the break.

To register, mail this form and your check to:

Mad Robin Ball
P.O. Box 164
708 Gravenstein Highway North
Sebastopol, CA 95472

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