Give yourself up . . . to these wonderful teachers and musicians!

Our Dancing Master:

Joseph Pimentel

Joseph Pimentel is a New England native recently settled in Houston, Texas. As a popular caller at dance events spanning at least 34 states, he draws on a broad repertoire of English country dances, from Henry Playford to Phillipe Callens. His calling combines clear teaching, infectious humor, high energy level, and passion for the dances. He is known for his "English as a second language" workshops that bring contra dancers painlessly into the world of ECD. His enthusiasm for spreading English and American country dance forms extends even into elementary schools, where he leads week-long workshops and evening dances for children and teachers. Joseph has been an active dance organizer in Ann Arbor MI and Columbus OH, and on the national board of the Country Dance and Song Society. His calling has been featured at many dance weeks and weekends, including one dancing expedition a few years ago on a boat sailing down the Nile.


Charles (Chuck) Ward

How lucky we are to count the legendary Chuck Ward as our home-town keyboardist! Co-founder of The San Francisco Country Dance Society (the forerunner of BACDS), Chuck has been enlivening the country dance scene with his witty, artful playing for over 40 years. He was keyboardist for the Berea College Country Dancers in Kentucky and toured widely with this semiprofessional dance team. He has been on the staff of the Berea College Christmas School, John C. Campbell Folk School (North Carolina), Pinewoods Camp (Massachusetts), Mendocino International Folklore Camp (California), BACDS English Week (California), and numerous weekend camps throughout the United States including Alaska. Chuck's classic Claremont Country Dance Band albums with Stan Kramer for CDSS are about to be reissued on CD.

What many dancers may not appreciate is Chuck's even longer career as an organist, which led recently to his special solo CD "The Vital Organ", a recording of English Country dances on the two-manual 18-stop mechanical action Rieger pipe organ in the First Presbyterian Church, Saint Helena, California.

Charles Ward, who has played the organ since he was 13, and is a master dance musician, has combined his two great skills in the CD. His choice of organ stops, his delicacy of phrasing, his intricate weavings of the melodic lines, his inspired improvisations, and his varied harmonies illuminate the character of each tune, from lyrical sweetness to triumphant energy. --Marshall Barron.

Stan Kramer

Stan will enliven our band this year on fiddle and recorder. He has been playing dances with Chuck Ward for more than 30 years, maybe 40. As members of the Claremont Country Dance, they recorded albums in the late 70's and early 80's beloved by dancers everywhere that are soon to be reissued on CD. Stan plays these days in Bangers and Mash for Bay Area English country dances and historical couple dancing, including PEERS (the Period Events and Entertainment Recreation Society) and the annual Dickens Fair.

Susan Kramer

On transverse flute and recorder, Susan Kramer has performed with Chuck and Stan for decades. She trained in music at Berea College, where she became an accomplished dancer as well as dance musician. Susan plays with Bangers and Mash for Bay Area English country dances and historical couple dancing, including PEERS (the Period Events and Entertainment Recreation Society) events and the annual Dickens Fair.

Erik Ievins

In the last year, Bay Area and North Bay dancers have enthusiastically welcomed Erik Ievins' strong voice on cello to our local dances. Classically trained since he was old enough to hold a bow, Erik joined professional symphony and pops orchestras while he was still in high school. At the beginning of the millenium, Erik discovered fiddle music and took up playing English Country Dance with the band Full Circle in Florida. Erik is a versatile player, capable in any key and nimble enough to shine on the melody line.

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