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Give yourself up . . . to these wonderful teachers and musicians!

Our Dancing Master:

Bruce Hamilton

It is our good fortune to call this internationally known teacher of English and Scottish country dance one of our local callers. Bruce excels at analyzing the mechanics of the dance, helping dancers to move with energy and grace, to respond to the music, to recover from mistakes, and to be a good partner. His calm manner inspires confidence from new and experienced dancers alike.


The Flying Romanos

The Flying Romanos have been playing for English country dances in the greater New York area for 15 years, as well as at balls, dance weekends, and dance camps around the country and across the pond. They include Marnen Laibow-Koser on viola, violin, and recorders, Norma Castle on flute and percussion, and Robin Russell on piano. Marnen played for the Mad Robin Ball in 2007 and was joined by Norma and Robin for the dances the following day in Sebastopol. This year we look forward to dancing to this wonderful band on Saturday and Sunday.




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