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Mad Robin Staff

Our Dancing Master:

Kalia Kliban

Kalia Kliban has been part of the Bay Area dance community since the mid-80s, performing and teaching morris, longsword, American clog, and English clog. Kalia got her start as an English country dance caller in our home group, and took over as programmer and principal caller in Sebastopol more than 10 years ago. In the last decade, her talents as an English country dance teacher have become widely recognized as she has been a featured teacher at dance weeks and weekends all over the US, and more recently in England. Her good humor and comical phrases have us laughing and feeling the joy of the dance. Her knack for untangling complex figures enables us to move confidently through even challenging dances. We expect the playful natures of Kalia and Foxfire to make this a Mad Robin to remember!



Foxfire is Karen Axelrod, piano, and Daron Douglas, fiddle. Their fresh takes on the old tunes have led to extraordinary dancing from California to Copenhagen. Foxfire plays at CDSS and BACDS summer camps, at Brasstown, and Playford balls and contradance festivals all over. They brighten the English country dance repertoire and (in the words of the introduction to the 1651 Dancing Master) "much commend this Art to be Excellent for Recreation, making the body active and strong, graceful in deportment and very much beseeming a Gentleman." (Karen adds, "We beseem Ladies, too.") If you find yourself sitting out a dance, we suggest you observe these two carefully on stage as they playfully exchange improvisations and build off each other's energy. Foxfire is the proud parent of two CDs, "The Introduction" and "Winter Oranges", available from CDSS.

Daron Douglas  combines the precision and tone of a classical violinist with the energy and soul of an Appalachian fiddler. She grew up in the Appalachian hills, learning traditional ballads from her grandmother and studying classical music through college. Daron has been on staff at many dance camps nationally, including CDSS and BACDS camps, at Ashokan, and at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC. Daron also plays with dance band Misbehavin', with pit orchestras, and with blues bands. She brings a rich repertoire of songs from her great-grandmother, who was one of Cecil Sharp's informants in the southern mountains.

Karen Axelrod  left the world of classical music over 25 years ago, and has found her home in the folk world. She is highly regarded for her creative piano playing at English, American and Scottish dance events around the country (including Pinewoods Dance Camps, Ogontz, Buffalo Gap, Berea Christmas Country Dance Week, The John C. Campbell Folk School, and BACDS events) and abroad.  Her improvisational playing is lyrical, yet touched with humor and whimsy. Karen also plays accordion with 3rd String Trio, a band that plays old world cafe music, and plays for the renowned longsword team, Orion. In addition to her life as a musician, Karen is a dog walker.  She is trying to complete a marathon in every state and not come in last. Karen used to perform comedy improv with The Villa Jidiots, and loves to teach improv to adults, children, and her canine clients.




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